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Join as the BBFT Token and utilities merge in to the Cryptolic EcoSystem for increased growth and rewards.

Why Merge BUSD Buffet in to Cryptolic?

BUSD Buffet is phenomenal, but it needs a growth vehicle to keep it going in these tough times. The market is not giving it that growth vehicle. Because of that, BUSD Buffet will become a utility for CPTLC instead of a standalone project/token.

CPTLC will drive growth to the BBFT Utilities so the kitchen can buy the tokens it needs to continue its awesome purpose. Every week the BDE will pump direct injections to the HotShot growing the BUSD rewards for holders. The BDE profits supply the Hotshot with weekly injections in between monthly profit sharing. This exponentially grows over time.

As the market recovers and the BBFT Utilities take off (both from its BUSD revenue stream for buying and its natural growth via the market conditions) that is exponentially more rewards for holders.

Combine our communities in to one so that everyone benefits equally from the success of the BBFT Utilities AND CPTLC Hot Shot/profit sharing. We care about our BUSD Buffet holders and want to give them more for their money. Reward the diamond hand holders by bringing them this rockstar utility and the CPTLC token together to produce more BUSD than each could do alone.

CPTLC gains a fully functioning, strong, and proven utility to continue growing our solution to poor performing rewards tokens.

As an added bonus, having the ability to deploy the newly rewritten BBFT Utilities contract to clients gives us yet another stream of external revenue to fuel both the Hotshot and the BBFT Utilities themselves. That means we are going to be offering spots in the kitchen now as an added service to clients where they can pay a fee to be in the kitchen outside of the normal algorithm that selects projects. Win-Win.